Cant get asus 7970 to run 120hz

Hi Guys,

I just bought a 7970 and a Samsung S27a950d 120hz monitor but cant seem to get more than 60hz on either CCC or windows properties. I used the cable supplied by Samsung which I belive to be the one needed. Any suggestions?
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  1. What cable exactly are you using?
  2. You need to use either a DVI or DisplayPort cable to run 120Hz.
  3. Yep, HDMI wont run more than 60.
  4. Looking at this, it appears they gave a DL-DVI cable, which should allow 120hz as well as displayport:

    But be aware, that there is no HD3D support with DL-DVI, unless AMD has changed their requirements.

    Are you "right click desktop", "click advanced", go to Monitor tab, then selecting 120hz?
  5. thanks for the help guys, fixed it. There is a micro switch on the side of the gpu to turn on 120hz compatability... now running like a dream!! cheers!
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