Will an Intel Core i7 2700K bottleneck an AMD HD 7850 Graphics Card

I decided to switch over from AMD to Intel and I got a brand new i7 2700K processor and LGA 115 motherboard on sale for $400 but I'm planning to keep my AMD HD 7850 GPU.

Will the mid-range CPU bottleneck the graphics card? I know the Fx-8150 was pretty good because it had 8-cores and stuff but the i7 only has 4 cores and it was on sale for less than $300.
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    The 2700k is not a mid-range processor by any means.

    The FX-8150 has 4 cores, with 2 bulldozer modules each. Technically it is not a 8-core processor.

    At stock clocks, the 2700k outperforms the FX-8150 for gaming by a fair margin.
    As well, you have an unlocked processor, so you should buy an aftermarket cooler if you haven't already (an excellent one is the Hyper 212) and turn up the clock speeds to around 4.2Ghz to use the 2700k to it's full potential.

    That said, even at stock clocks the 2700k will NOT bottleneck an HD 7850.
  2. No, no bottleneck at all, that's a great processor and the 7850 is not particularly a high end GPU. With 4 cores is more than enough
  3. I would say you will not recieve any bottleneck, that is a powerful CPU after all. More powerful than mine. Consider bottlenecking when your using old processors, your processor is really good.

    Take a look at this:,3106-5.html

    2700k is at the top of the list, meaning its better than all those below it.

    Edit: Crud, everyone jumped on the topic :lol:
  4. you could have 3 7850's in crossfire and i still dont think the 2700k will be bottlenecked
  5. You could run a 690 and it will not be bottlenecked a 7850 won't be a issue lol.
  6. ct1615 said:
    some? what games is the 2700k not good enough for?

    I was referring games that benefit from more cores, not the performance of the 2700k
  7. Another one gets hit by the "8" core marketing stuff.
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