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Hello! I just finished building my computer but it has a problem when starting because I get the beeps that mean that no VGA detected. I have the latest graphic driver updates, BIOS updates and so on. The computer spec requires around 500W and the video card shows with green light that it has enough energy supply. When I switch to my very old graphic card geforce 130 GT my computer starts up normally.

Sabertooth 990FX
AMD FX-4170
Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3
Asus GTX 560 Ti
SFC 650 watt PSU

Is there something wrong with my setup? I have bought some parts that do not just work together? Please help me I really do not know what to do!

Thank you
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  1. This could be as simple as unplug and plug again the monitor cable to the video card.

    make sure that is firmly attached.

    I seriously doubt it, but IF by any chance doesn't work, try connecting to another port on the video card.

    Also verify that both power connectors are attached to the video card.

    Power Supply should be enough to run your specs.
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