will NEC 1760V 17 inch LCD price drop soon?

Hello! i am considering getting NEC 1760V 17 inch LCD. Will the price drop dramtically sometimes this summer? Should I just get it now? any experts are welcome to predict and help me out, thanx
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  1. ►On Sale!
    NEC MultiSync LCD1760V 17" LCD Monitor - Retail
    17" Diagonal Viewable
    Pixel Pitch : 0.264mm
    Max. Colors : 16million
    Max Resolution : 1280x1024
    Contrast Ratio : 450:1
    Brightness : 260 cd/m2
    Input Terminal : 15-pin mini D-SUB Dead Pixels Policy: Replacement or Refund for 8 or more DEAD PIXELS ONLY! Model#: LCD1760V
    $20 Mail-In Rebate from NEC! Good for purchase from 6-11-03 to 7-6-03!
    Special Free FedEx Saver Shipping
    - Product Link -See It! (image count 6 ) -Price Alert (N82E16824002077) Return to Service
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    wwww.newegg.com, there is also a $50.00 rebate. Hope this helps.

  2. I found the 1760V for $399 and the $20 rebate, but I don't see any additional($50) rebate???
  3. Yea. Without rebate, newegg has it for 399, and the black model for 409. I'm debating between the 1760V and the Q17. Both are 399 right now, but the NEC costed more to begin with, which makes me think its a much better buy since the Q17 was that cheap from the begining--that probably helped its #1 ranking in the last test. I wasnt overly impressed with the construction of the Q17 when I saw it in the store, but Hyundai kicks butt when it comes to their warrenty for pixels. That probably will decide it for me, even though I would much rather get the 1760V. I'm just now making the switch from a crt, and i'm scared of getting a bad screen.
  4. Thanks for the JandR link, thats a pretty sweet deal.
    Hey Fancy, where did you see the Q17? I found it at MonitorHQ.com for $428+... makes the NEC look like an even better buy.
  5. The Q17 is at newegg and Fry's. I just called Newegg and more inventory is due tomorrow for the Q17b/s. Frys seems to be getting rid of all of them and not restocking. They had the Q17b/s model as well for 450 + 2 50 dollar rebates. I guess the only difference is no DVI?
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