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Let me preface this by saying that I'm I'm not very computer literate so any help needs to be worded simply like for a child..I have installed WIN 7 64 and it has developed a problem..It wont boot to the desk top. It will post and go to the starting Windows screen and stops there..It wont go to safe mode.Is there a way to make a boot disk to get it to start or any kind of a diagnostic disk that a dummy can do? I really need help...Thank you
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  1. have you tried startup repair?? keep pressing F8 at boot to display the boot menu and choose repair computer. from here you should be able to choose Start-Up Repair.
  2. Sir in my post I said it wont go in safe mode...
  3. It's a good suggestion. You don't have to get into safe mode to use the startup repair.
  4. Few steps -
    1) Start PC and right after the mother board screen is displayed keep pressing F8. This will definitely take you to safe mode. I assume you may have not tried this. if you already did, please forgive me for suggesting the same :)

    Now i have a feeling the RAM could be an issue here. If you have multiple RAM's, just remove all, load a single RAM. Restart and see if this will load into windows.

    where did u get windows 7? Do u have a CD? Need a little more information on how you loaded the windows 7 in the first place.

    If you Used a OEM pack CD u can use that CD and press F12 in the boot screen to change the boot order and load from the CD drive.
  5. Believe it or not guys it fixed it self...Just kept trying and it started..
  6. I said in my last post that it started by it self..I dont know why..It is running fine...
  7. It may be a good idea to back up your important data and do a few diagnostic tests.
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