Good cpu temps for i5 2500k

i have a i5 2500k,
gtx 550ti gpu, 8g ram
when i do a furmark test as well as load about 20 internet tabs( im trying to stress it for a test) my cpu is getting as high as 60 c , should i worry? I only have a stock cpu cooler but the case is a haf 912 with 200mm fans everywhere with good ventilation
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  1. 60C under maximum stress with a stock cooler on stock clocks is fine.

    You have an unlocked processor, buy a Hyper 212 cooler and crank those clocks!
  2. Yeah, that temp is fine.

    Not really a CPU stress test, though, more GPU because of Furmark (loading 20 tabs isn't really that hard on the CPU for an extended period of time). Try Prime 95 and see what your temps are.
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