Intel push pins not very good?

Ended up breaking one of the small white pins on my cpu heatsink. They also seem to be really difficult to remove from the motherboard. It almost feels like with the amount of force you are bending the motherboard when putting these in.
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  1. The push pins are terrible. I seriously don't understand why Intel still uses it.
  2. You must be doing something wrong.
  3. Yeh, I just installed the heatsink for the i5 3570k it was an annoying process!
  4. Push and twist, apply even force.

    If you do them often enough it becomes a habit.
  5. *** these man. Just replaced my last heatsink after i cleaned the other one out and broke it while pushing it back in. Got a close call on this coolermaster TX Series Aluminum 3 when i bent one of the pins, but was able to tilt it back.
  6. Thankfully on most aftermarket coolers like 212+ or the NH14 you get a back plate and proper bolt ins.
  7. i remember socket 478 it was so easy, this push pin thing is horrendous
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