Please tell me (noob) if my overclock is good and safe.

Overclocked (i5 3570K) to 4.0ghz (@ x40 multiplier) on a Gigabyte (GA-Z77X-UD3H) mobo.

Loading temps are currently under 50C (i haven't stressed the processor out with stability softwares yet.) Idle is temps are 29C, voltage is from 0.975 to 1.1v

Literally all I did was manually raise the [CPU ratio #] from "34" ~ 3.4ghz to "40" ~ 4.0ghz on the frequency page of the bios. I then went into advanced CPU mode, and had to manually change each core (4 of them) to "40," as well.

I then set internal ppl overvoltage to auto, I set the memory mulitplier to "21.33" ~ 2133 mhz I turned off XMP multplier, enabled intel turbo, set my motherboard to EXTREME, set memory to "Quick." I haven't touched anything else after that.

Everything seems stable, so did I miss any crucial steps in my overclocking? Seemed almost too afraid i missed something.
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  1. I wouldn't bother with the memory OC but no thats it. You shouldn't need to change each core either just your multiplier, change the voltage and your done.

    It's very simple with these new chips and your voltage isn't too crazy. You could go higher if you wanted.
  2. thats it, nothing else at that level of OC, higher OC's might require that you fiddle with droop (4.3+?) or lower voltage so that you can manage heat.
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