Am I out of luck? Bent Socket Pins / Weird thing on CPU

Hi everyone,

So I was lucky enough to receive my friend's old i7 set up that I built from him about 3 years ago but working hastily, I managed to mess up the socket pins on the motherboard. It also looks like some of the pins were "squished" onto the CPU too.

I was wondering how bad this really is and whether I can fix it / the CPU will still continue to work.

Thanks a lot,
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  1. To be honest, I have no idea how it happened. The whole computer seemed tampered with when I got it, stuff looked like it was ripped out, but it ran before I took it apart.

    I guess I was just working under a lot of pressure at the time and kinda F'd up. The only problem is I can't tell whether the pins are BROKEN or BENT.

    What about those two marks on the CPU?
  2. I would say the mobo is shot, CPU could possibly be shot...kinda hard to tell if there will be any connectivity with the two contacts on the right.
  3. I might as well upgrade to sandy bridge or something. I don't know what I wanna do, what a stupid mistake.....

    How can those possibly be burn marks? When I reinstalled the CPU I had it on for maybe 5-10 seconds just to see if it would post and then turned it off. Can it really burn that fast?

    It worked before taking it apart that day.
  4. Both those pictures give a pretty good idea of the damage, sadly there is no way you could repair something like that yourself on either the CPU or motherboard. Also Intel will likely not replace the CPU (I don't remember stock intel warranty length) because it will be classified as user damage, and not an act of god. Sorry bud looks like you are out of luck on this one
  5. Just out of curiosity, how can I have damaged the CPU that easily? Do you think it was because of previous damage? Is it actual burnt marks or can it be something else?

    Thanks again!
  6. Hmm. You tell us?

    It almost looks like there is OC damage, compounded by possibly improper installation of the CPU and/or heat sink assembly.

    You would be surprised at how many people damage their CPU's with incorrect installation (not using the guiding arrows on the CPU).

    You have to be quite mindful installing CPU's. I don't reccomend you doing it if your in a time crunch, or in a non normal state (example: your angry, or just got back from jogging).
  7. Yeah that's what I think happened. The CPU was installed correctly because it won't go in any other way. I have no idea how the pins got so bent. I looked over the MOBO today and it doesn't seem like there are any burnt pins.

    I looked over the CPU with a magnifying glass and after some delicate cleaning it looks like it's not burnt on the CPU but the contact piece is missing. Is there anyway to see if that piece is necessary for the processor run?

    Is there any safe way to to test/check a bad CPU without ruining the motherboard?
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