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Hey guys,

So little preface, this is my first time doing a custom build that I will assemble. I am an Apple user through and through for about 6 years now but am not a fanboy and will easily admit to there shortcomings. The biggest one that bothers me is lack of gaming prowess. I have a 2 y/o iMac that is still amazing for everything except games and I decided that I am going to build a windows machine that will be strictly used for gaming and nothing else. My goals for this machine is to keep it under 2k but build a comp for the future. I may need to spend a little more but I will bleed every last game out of this system so it has to be good for as long as possible. Some thoughts on the system before you tear into it. I am very unsure and still need to research a few of the pieces like PSU, Case, Motherboard, and I know I want 16gb memory but am not sure if this is the right product. I don't care about looks at all. I also have no plans to OC as of now. I think the system will be plenty beastly for me but down the road a ways I may want to get the last drop of performance out of it. Therefore I do want room and ability to add another GTX 680 and or beef up my cooling for OCing. Any input at all positive or negative would be appreciative. I am still in the early phases of planning this so feel free to suggest any changes. Also I am very interested in compatibility of these products. I will run windows 7 home basic and push these games through a 2560x1440 resolution screen. Here is the system hope the image works I am not fluent in forums either.

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  1. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. I am really not super confident in my choices so I am looking for any and all input.
  2. might wanna get a 670 gtx as it has better performance than the 680 with a little oveclock and $80 cheaper would u not rather have a i5 2500k better for overclocking
  3. or maybe a i5 3570k the i7's are good at gaming but the i5 in gaming can do just about as much as the i7 and get a hafx and 16gb of ram and oh btw dont get the thermal "compound" some comes with the hyper 212 and now that i mention it get the hyper 212 evo
  4. I looked long and hard at the 2700k, 2600k, and 2500k. It appeared to me that building for the future the 3930k was the way to go. 6 cores may not be used much now in gaming but it will eventually be adopted. The reason I went with the 3930k over the 2700k which appears better for gaming overall at this time was that it was newer tech that I thought would be better for longevity overall. Im honestly not sure the performance boost of it at this time but if I were to upgrade 2 years down the road I want my tech to be viable. the 2500k seemed great if you OC but I have never tried this and the performance of the 2700k seemed superior. I could very well be wrong on that point.
  5. oh and if you have so much money get you a barebones build first since its your first time that way you wont be trying to do stuff you arnt supposed to with these fragile parts the barebones is like a drivers test to see if you can do it/to learn from mistakes
  6. good to know about the thermal compound i will make the changes and look into that evo thanks devilofdeaths
  7. oh and btw if you wonder about over clocking come back to this website and ask us we will give you advise but please dont over clock for your first time without knowing nothing its easy but very dangerous
  8. oh and please try the barebones build it helped me because they're inexpensive parts
  9. not sure I have that much money for a $300 trial run but I will just be very carful with lots and lots of video prep. I have done some replacement of hardware in the past just not a ground up build
  10. sorry didnt see last post
  11. oh and your ram is 1866 speed just get 1600 but 16gb's worth
  12. is there a real diffrence between the 1866 and the 1600 speed ram?
  13. no get 1600
  14. 1866 is a waist of money im putting a pc build together for you now
  15. btw do you need a monitor and operating system
  16. If you're only using it for gaming, a quad-core will be plenty for the next few years. Most games only use two cores anyway, so I don't think you need a six-core CPU if all you're doing is gaming. I think what you should do is get the i7-3770k for $250 less, and put that money towards getting a single GTX 670 for now and another one later. Keeping that in mind, while I think the PSU you picked is ok, I like having a little extra headroom, especially if you get an extra 670 later. Also, since you'll need a Z77 mobo if you get an i7-3770k, here's my suggestion for the mobo...

    it's only $100 bucks, but it's much cheaper and has all the features you'll need.

    The 128 GB SSD is a good idea and a good choice, good case, good CPU cooler choice, that RAM seems a little overpriced, here's some much cheaper and just as good RAM...

    These are just my opinions. If you're set on the build you've come up with already, by all means it will be a monster build and will push games at 2560x1440, but i think there are some other options out there that will provide you with the same gaming experience at a cheaper price point. That way you can put more towards another GPU, you could even get two 670s (or 680s) now with the money you'd save. Good luck and happy building!
  17. here this is a build that is all you need a i7 is good but the i5 can do the exact same thing the i7 is for multitasking the i5 is for gaming but the i7 can do that gaming to
  18. All these suggestions are great and have already helped me out alot. I looked into the memory speeds and it would appear you guys are correct and I switched them out for 1600 speed. saved me some money for sure. I also looked into the evo cooler and found it to be appropriate over my previous choice so i switched that out as well. Im going to look into my processor choice some more. my hesitation with going with a cheaper processor isn't on performance. all the benchmarks and forums i have read say there are plenty of cheaper options beside the 3930k with comparable performance. But in my last comp i picked up the core2duo as the quads where just starting to come out and now i wish i would have got the quad thats my only real hesitation. will i wish 2 years down the road i had spent the extra 250-300 on the 6 core cpu?
  19. devilofdeaths said: here this is a build that is all you need a i7 is good but the i5 can do the exact same thing the i7 is for multitasking the i5 is for gaming but the i7 can do that gaming to

    This is a nice build similar to mine. i have a few questions though. is the liquid cooling necessary at this time if I dont OC for a couple of years? Do i need the mech HD when I will most likely only have my OS and 1-3 games on the machine at a time. Im still looking into my processor choice.
  20. that processor is a good reliable cpu and no the water cooling isn't necessary but with and processor i5 2500k and up you usually want to overclock because that k on the end means that its made for over clocking you cas always get a 60gb ssd
  21. here is a updated version
  22. Thanks everyone for there help. I have taken all feedback under consideration and will continue to research. i have already made several changes based on this discussion. I am off for now but if anyone has any input at all I will keep tabs on this thread. I may post an updated build tomorrow.
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