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so im building my first pc in like 2-3 months and was thinking to get a cooler master 932 advanced, but then i saw that it does not have dust filters and was like "oh noooo" and now i would like to know if i should just stick with the one i'm going to get or get a different one thanks PS. i like full tower cases with good air flow (i dont want to water cool) :P
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  1. I use the Antec P183, fits my creaky old GTX280 in it and keeps it cool.

    Has dust filters too ;)
  2. 932 is an awesome case and I've not had too many dust issues. I clean it every few months. The airflow is phenomenal though. It will take all hot air away from the components.
  3. well if i may ask how dusty is the room the computer case in in? because some people that i saw where saying that they need to clean it every 2-3 weeks.
  4. It's just in my room which is fairly dusty. There is a fair bit of dust in the heatsink after 2 months but my GPU temps never go over 55c overclocked (Thats with auto fans, it could be cooler) and my CPU never breaches 65c overclock to 4.6ghz.

    These temps are still true even though it's not been clean for 3 months now.
  5. Ok thank you for the advice i will go with the case i'm buying now plus i'm getting a smoking deal of 80$ for it so great :D
  6. Enjoy the case. It's an easy one to build in as well.
  7. you can buy 3rd party filters and stick them on, some are even magnetic.
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