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Hello i am a Windows 7 user with a PC rig as follows-
Win7 32 bit
Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.40 GHz
1GB ATI Radeon HD 5670

I have a (not so) modest rig and i am quite the avid gamer.I want the best FPS and performance for my games.
So i was just going by the options on the control panel and i noticed the High Performance CPU power plan,as opposed to the balanced preset plan.So i wanted to ask that if i set my power plan to high will it improve my gaming performance.Will it improve my FPS?
I know a lot of people asked the same question but those are on older OSs and i wasn't sure.So please help a noob like me out !
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  1. No what you get now is the max you will get. overclocking will help your fps a slight bit maybe 1-2 frames nothing you would notice
  2. Depends on the overclock.
    I've pulled quite a bit of performance from old rigs, but even OCing that one won't compare to modern rigs or bring it up to current gaming standards (for high-end, anyway).

    Power settings are usually more for mobile platforms, but on desktops their main focus is to control is when your computer goes to sleep, screen savers, and so on.
  3. So high performance won't affect my gaming performance other than 1-2 FPS at the most ?
  4. Go to power options>advanced settings and make sure the max cpu usage is 100%. That is the only setting that will change performance.
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