Whenever I try to turn my computer on lately, lights flicker

Hello, I hope this is the right category to post in...

Whenever I try to turn my computer on lately, lights flicker in the house and sometimes my UPS starts beeping as if a power failure happened - but it didn't because the TV and everything else is still working alright.

This is my current set-up: power plug-->extension cord-->UPS-->extension cord-->in this second cord the PC Unit, monitor and speakers are plugged in. This second extension has a power on/off switch.
Lights start to flicker and sometimes the UPS starts beeping when I switch this switch on.
This didn't happen until recently. I changed the UPS and power cord and it still does the same.

Help please? :(
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  1. You probably don't want to daisy chain extension cords--that can cause all kinds of issue (to include fire safety).

    Try plugging your PC directly into the wall and see if the issue occurs, and then try plugging it in through just the UPS and through just the extension cord.
  2. I can't, the UPS has only 1 exit plug and my computer needs 3 (unit, monitor, speakers). That and my UPS's cord isn't long enough to reach the outlet.
    Could it be the computer's power source causing this "flickering" and "power outage" because practically when power reaches the source (before Windows is turned on though) these mishaps occur?
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