I5 3570k paired with 7870oc

Anyone with a i5 3570k oc at 4.4ghz and 7870oc can you list your
benchmarks on metro 2033, bf3 campaign & Bf3 multiplayer, skyrim, and Cinebench score.

I just want to compare it to my 8120fx oc at 4.4ghz and 7870oc to justify upgrading to an i5 or i7 next year
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  1. I don't have it :P but you can check on youtube. there must be some gameplays with somewhat similar specs
  2. I doubt you'll see much difference with a game like BF3, since it's programmed to use multiple cores.

    You probably won't see enough of a difference to want to switch
  3. If you're upgrading next year, wait for the Haswell CPUs. Check out some 3570K + 7870 benchmarks now, and expect them to rise by a few frames per second with the Haswell processors.
  4. At stock I get minimums of mid 40s in bf3 multiplayer ultra aa off, basically 60 fps everywhere in skyrim, and metro I got down to 25 once for a second, but usually around 50 fp with mostly high settings. This is 12.8 drivers. 12.11 beta doesn't play well with skyrim for me.
  5. These review sites are claiming 20-30+ fps gain on a few game titles...eh i guess ill stick with the 8120 and just get a full tower case soon or wait for the amd steamroller cpu line up instead of those apu's coming out early next year.

    Wanderer11- You using one card or xfire?....for some reason on 7870 xfire my fps on skyrim is around 55-60 and i dont think thats right. When i disable xfire the fps is the same as if i used xfire, checked both cards if theyre working properly. For metro i stay at a constant 60+ then when a grenade goes off my fps drops significantly.
  6. One card. I don't think Skyrim uses 2 cards. The big drop in metro was a cut scene. Overall that game ran terrible.
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