HAF 912 vs Raidmax Helios

Hello everybody,

I have recently purchased a Raidmax Helios for my gaming build, luckily caught for $30 after MIR on NewEgg during this BF sale.

However I've been leaning on returning the Helios and just getting myself a HAF 912. It seems to have better airflow and I like the 140/200mm fan options including frontal dust filters that Helios all lack. Helios does have a USB 3.0 though.

Which of these two cases would you recommend?
Is HAF 912 significantly superior or is Helios a decent enough case? The 912 is even more aesthetically pleasing with a glass side panel and I have always wanted a 912, but only bought Helios because I saw it so cheap and it looked decent enough.

Raidmax Helios -- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156254
HAF 912 -- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119233&Tpk=haf%20912

Especially with the discount, HAF 912 is even more affordable! :S Appreciate your time. Thank you!
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  1. The Haf series is awesome for airflow and the 912 is the best small case I have built in so far.

    Very easy to use and a good performing case.
  2. Well i was really near to get the Haf 912 but it was just the high shipping cost.

    That raidmax seems strange :/ I would get the Haf anyday.

    Better cooling /great cab manag .

    And its also cool looking.
  3. Mmm so HAF 912 is THAT much superior? I hate that the interior isn't painted black.. I wanted the window panel too, oh well :(

    So should I really return the Helios and go for the HAF? The design of Helios is ehh.. but now I'm having third thoughts on how ugly a HAF would look with the window panel, since I'm a window panel fanatic... Not that Helios looks any better, but the theme is likable at least.

    I'm so torn between these two for no reason lol someone help me break this!!
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