Coolermaster Elite 500W Power Supply - Please answer ASAP

I need a power supply that can run a GTS 450 without a problem. I'm looking at this Coolermaster 500W Elite PSU and it seems it's enough for it. I just need to know the amps on the 12V rail and if it can power up the 450. I'm in the UK and it is £29.99 in
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  1. Stay away from coolermaster power supplies! They can not deliver their rated power. Look at some reviews on, click on power heading, and go through the list of power supplies that will fit your needs.
  2. It can but is not a good PSU you will be better of with a Corsair CX430.
  3. The general consensus is that the first one is slightly better, the second one is V2 which is still fine but some components not the same quality.
  4. Okay, I'm gonna go with the first one.

    Will it be enough to power the Evga GTS 450?
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