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HD 6870-6950-7850 which is better?

My friend's buget ranges for these product HD 6870 HD 6950 or HD 7850. Which is better ? (Also consider crossfireX)

Pls help him
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  1. 6950 by a little. 7850 if he wants to sacrifice a little performance to have less power consumption and heat output. What PSU does he have?

    Edit: Also keep in mind if Crossfire is a future endeavor that it will be easier to get 7850's than 6950's.
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    7850 beats the 6950 more often than not, and 7000 series performance is only go up as driver mature. Ohh and the 7850 OCed will butcher an OCed 6950
  3. 7850 will beat all the cards. If you can get the 6950 cheap then I will go against the 7850. But when the 7850 is pretty cheap enough then get it.
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