1333 proc on 1066 mobo

im now -
2 GB PC2-6400 , 2 GB PC2-5300
460 watt Cooler Master
TX2 CM cpu cooler

Guys , im planning to upgrade my proc from duo to quad Q8400. My mo-bo can support the proc ?
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  2. how about Q6600 ?
  3. No according to the previously posted link.
  4. Just go for new CPU/MOBO/RAM.
  5. FinneousPJ said:
    Just go for new CPU/MOBO/RAM.

    yeh,, after re-check , my mobo only can support duo....
    so, going totally upgrade for new rig
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  7. Yep even budget lga1155 pentium CPU's will outperform what you have.
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