6850 idle temp problems

While watching youtube vids (nothing hardware intensive at ALL) my computer suddenly crashed.. Black screen and weird noises. So I restarted it and when I just looking through some files I decided maybe I just overclocked my gpu too much (940 core 1175 mem stock volts) so I reset it back to its factory settings. But when Idle it sits around 48-49c, Should I be worried about this?

I have a zalman z9 plus with 7 120mm fans controlled with nzxt sentry 2, always at 100% speed, so airflow is not an issue.
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  1. 50ish idle is normal for a GPU.

    And yeah, 940 core is WAY too high for a 6850.
  2. Everywhere I've looked people are saying 950-960 is max for core. What would you suggest?
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