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So, just got Diablo 3 yesterday, and it turns out my video card is just weak enough to not be able to run the game without holes appearing all over the map. So, I need a new video card. However, my computer was bought in '08, so I feel like I have some restrictions on what I can get. Any help or recommendations on what I can/should get?

I lack a screwdriver at the moment, so I can't get into my box to check the power supply, however I googled my PC model, and it said I have 250 watts.....which seems disappointing to me. It is PCI Express 2.0 x16 compatible. DDR2 memory. Dual Core Processor @ 2.5 GHz.

Edit: I just read the "How to Ask..." thread.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I'd like to get it sometime this week, not in too much of a rush.


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming. I mostly want to be able to play Diablo 3, preferably on High Settings, however I don't know how realistic that goal is. I'd also like to be able to play Guild Wars 2 when that comes out.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: I current have the built in ATI Radeon HD 3200. I'm not entirely sure of my power supply, however the only evidence I have points to 250 Watts.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: ACER Aspire 3200/5200. AMD Athlon Dual-Core Processor 4850e ~2.50GHz. 4GB RAM.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I'm looking mostly at right now.


PARTS PREFERENCES: One that works.

OVERCLOCKING: Its something I've always wanted to look into.

CROSSFIRE:I don't even know what this is.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I know this might seem like a tough mix, because it definitely seems like that to me, but I need something afforable, relatively powerful, and compatible with my 4 year old PC. I've been looking at Newegg, but most of the cards I'm seeing look like they require too much power for my PC. I'd really appreciate any help.

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  1. Ah, so you recommend either I get the AMD 6750 or I get the corsair power supply with AMD 6670? Do you have a link to the 6670 that you're talking about?

    Also, is there any kind of information I need to know before buying a new power supply? Like system limitations?
  2. I'd recommend this one, it uses so little power that your power supply will handle it easily:
  3. I've noticed that that card is a PCI Express 3.0 x16 card. Is that still compatible with my 2.0 slot?
  4. Yes, PCI express is backwards compatible.
  5. Am I still going to get the same power consumption and performance in my 2.0 slot? I'm assuming performance would drop, but how much?
  6. Your psu only has the power for the pci-e graphics slot. That excludes any graphics card that needs an auxiliary 6 pin pci-e connector. I think the 7750 is about the strongest card you can get today that will fit that requirement.

    The recommended requirements for D3 are a 4870 class card.

    The 7750 is slightly weaker, but well above the minimum requirements.

    Pcie 2.0/3.0 make no difference, and cards are forward and backward compatible. It is a non issue.
  7. Kunim said:
    Am I still going to get the same power consumption and performance in my 2.0 slot? I'm assuming performance would drop, but how much?

    You will take no performance hit. It will work perfectly, I wouldn't have recommended it in the first place otherwise :). With it, you will easily max out Diablo 3 and other games, considering your resolution.
  8. Hmm...I'm getting a little bit conflicting arguments from different parties. I am not sure who to listen to. I have looked at the card that Sinius suggests, and it seems very nice, however, I want to be sure that it would be compatible with my PC and its power supply. If I have to buy a new power supply, that is fine, however, I cannot afford a $110 graphics card then.

    Edit: I have just made an interesting discovery, using the link posted above. It seems that my Radeon HD 3200 is supported by D3, if only in low performance. When starting up the game, however, it says the card is not supported. Fascinating. This is only an observation however, and I don't believe it actually has pertinence to this discussion.

    Also, I'm a little confused on how the 7750 is weaker than the 4870? I suppose its my naive outlook that bigger numbers should be more powerful, it because it runs on less power?
  9. Kunim said:
    Hmm...I'm getting a little bit conflicting arguments from different parties

    What kind of conflicting arguments?
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    As a standard, a pci-e x16 graphics card slot can deliver up to 75w to a graphics card installed in it.
    If the graphics card may require more power than that, it may need an auxiliary 6 pin pci-e power lead from the psu.
    That 6 pin lead needs to be able to deliver 75w also. A 8 pin lead can deliver 150w.
    A 7750 is one of the newer cards built on the 28nm process that is more power efficient. That is why it is recommended over some less expensive and slower cards that use more power.

    The psu that came with your pc is sufficient for whatever was installed. A 7750 should run well in it.
    If, by any chance the psu is of sufficiently poor quality that it can not power the graphics card, no harm will come to the card, and the psu should be replaced, if only for poor quality. If the power is marginal, you should still be able to boot and run 2d tasks. 3dtasks such as gaming is what increases the demand on the psu.

    If you should ever have to replace the psu, do not buy a cheap one for many reasons. Stick with known good quality units sucn as Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX, PC P&C. Here is a suitable Antec 430w unit for $35 after rebate:
  11. That answers that question quite well, geofelt. Thank you. Nevermind, Sinius, my question was answered. I suppose the only question I have left is how long will the card last before it becomes outdated? Or rather, will I be able to play the future years games on it with at least medium settings? Or is this something that will be underpowered soon, as in a year or two?
  12. It should serve you around 3 years before games start popping up that you will be unable to run.
  13. That is good enough for me cause Guild Wars 2 should be coming out sooner than that and by then I will probably want a new computer. Lol. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input. You were both equally helpful but since geofelt taught me a little something I can use in the future, I'll choose him for the best answer.
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