I5-3570K hitting 105C w/no OC

I just upgraded to a i5-3570K and ASRock Z77 Extreme 6.

For now I'm using the stock heat sink and have not overclocked the machine yet.

I did a 10 minute BF3 test run and checked my temps via Core Temp and saw that all four cores are hitting 105 degrees C.

At idle I fluctuate between 32 -36 degrees.

Any idea why the temps are so high straight out of the box?
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  1. Are you sure the CPU Heatsink is seated properly and there are no obstructions? Is the CPU fan running at all times?
  2. Try hwmonitor instead. I heard the stock HSF is difficut to install. Are you sure it's snug and you took the plastic off?
  3. Did you adjust the fan settings in the BIOS? Might want to crank it up there if the RPMs stay low. If you set a target of like 60C it will spin up to it's max to try and keep it there once you put it under load.
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