HomeBuilt tablet parts finding and cooling help.

So i have seen a few threads about diy laptops, none with a built one, and most of them said not possible no standard set of parts. I was thinking of upgrading my netbook with a ssd and a ram upgrade at 1 am when I came up with the idea of a laptop from scratch build using desktop parts which turned into a tablet after looking for key boards and trying to design a hinge and screen that worked.

current system idea-

mini itx motherboard.

Intel pentium dual core cpu

8gb ram

750gb harddrive

touch screen


4 40 mm fans pushing air in across motherboard 4 40mm fans pulling air out across from the inputs

2"(batteries in bottom 1/2")x9"x11" aluminium for heat and durability.
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  1. Wait... So you are trying to build a laptop/tablet out of Desktop parts??? You realize that this "device" would be huge right?
  2. basically, and I only have one requirement it has to be the same size as or smaller then a calculus book, so max size 2x13x10
  3. Anybody know a good place to get touch screens capacitive preferably.
  4. I want something similar without the batteries, how long do you think it will run for on batteries?
    You would need to include a charger? Would you end up with it plugged in most of the time and just enough battery power to go from one socket to another. Which I think is what happens with most people using a laptop when the battery capacity declines.
    Perhaps forget about the batteries? Just go with a small internal psu?
    good luck and keep us posted
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