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I could really use some help. I recently found a bunch of components and bought the last couple to complete. When I try to start up I get past the msi screen and then I get to bootmgr is missing. But by then usually the screen just blacks out. This might be two separate problems (screen blackout and bootmgr).
Computer is
MSI 785GT-63
AMD 955/960 black edition phenom quad
120gb sea gate 7200rpm drive ( pulled and verified it in separate computer, wiped and booted with windows 7)
Gskill 2 gig stick (new)

I've built several computers and done some troubleshooting Already but I'm at a loss now. I have made it to the BIOS once but it blacked out after about 30 seconds again.
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  1. If the display is cutting out that quickly after booting, then that is definitely a separate issue from everything else, and you should deal with that first. It looks like that board has an onboard GPU so you probably want to make sure your monitor connection is secure, but this might be an RMA issue.
  2. Ya that's what I was thinking. I switched out the cable and even tried out a working graphics card from a different computer. Same result. So it looks like the motherboard might be fried then
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