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Do people think that a case's looks matter. this is my first build am i am wondering if people think it is a good to get a case that you think is nice looking. do you notice it all the time or is it something you never really notice.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Where will you put your case? In a cabinet, on the floor under the desk, or somewhere else? Will the computer be in the living room, or in a dedicated room?

    I think it's important only if your case will be seen by you or others. People come often at my home and my computer is on my desk, in my TV room (I'm single so it's not a problem, but I bet that I'll be buying headphones soon lol) Therefore I bought a good-looking case. If I was to put it in a wardrobe, or in a cabinet, then I would've bought a case with more features for the same price, just not as good looking
  2. Case choice is a personal decision. Some folks wouldn't have a PC if it wasn't sexy looking. Others don't care as long as it performs well. If you are a practical person, put the extra money in components. If cost is no object, go with a case that catches your eye.

    The design of the case is more important than its looks, anyway. It needs good air flow/ventilation and room for long card(s). PSU preferably on the bottom, and enough drive bays for your satisfaction. If it sits on the floor, don't set it down on plush carpet, keep it up on something.
  3. what about the cooler master storm enforcer, it seems the best of both worlds
  4. Doesn't seem to have removable dust filters, can't see any claims on cable management so I wouldn't know (is the other side panel even removable???), No dust filter on top so anything can fall inside... Would recommend the HAF-912 Advanced (to keep it CoolerMaster-made), if available in your country, or many other cases, like Antec's... I wouldn't buy that storm enforcer...
  5. The Enforcer looks like a nice case for the money. The Newegg video review shows off the features nicely.
    The space behind the motherboard tray appears to be quite roomy for cable management. The case has a removable drive bay for extra long graphic cards. I'm not a fan of having a door covering external drive bays. But that's just me. The lack of dust filters is a drawback, but can be remedied. Check out a couple online reviews of the case and look at the pros and cons.
  6. With the dust filters, how would that problem be solved

    the other case i was looking at was the NZXT Lexa S usb3.0 version. What do people think about that

    Thanks for all the replies
  7. There are several types of after-market dust filters one can purchase:

    But remember, all dust filters restrict air flow to some extant. I've never been too concerned about dust. I have my PCs open quite often for one reason or another, so it's no problem for me to blow out any dust that accumulates. Plus, my PC's location is clean. I'd rather have a bit of dust than poor air flow.

    I've only had one NZXT case, and it was a budget model. But it was well made and well designed. The Lexa S looks nice.
    But I can't tell how much room is behind the motherboard tray for cable managment.
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