Upgrading my PC (suggestions needed)

I've finally decided that it is time to splash some cash on new parts for my PC. I'm able to spend 400-500 euro (£300-400) (3000-4000 DKK). After this upgrade I will not be able to do any upgrades the next year, year and a half. I live in Denmark, which means that I'm not able to grab any US items.

I'm using this computer mainly for gaming (anything from minecraft to crysis). I've from time to time encountered problems with spell heavy environments, raid stacking in WoW or mob stacking in Diablo

Current setup:
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 945
CPU cooler - stock
GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5750
PSU - Zalman 1000W
Mobo - ASRock M3A790GMH
HDD - 500gb Fujitsu
RAM - 2x2gb dual-channel DDR3 @ 665MHz
Case - Stock midi tower

I got the windows CD

What I'm looking for is a list with the best upgrades within my price range. I might be getting a SSD from a mate, so if you could make suggestion with and without a SSD it would be highly appreciated

Let me know if you need more information

Thanks in advance
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  1. I've been looking at the following components

    8gig ram @ 1333MHz ram
    Samsung 830
    Radeon 7750

    Are these upgrades worthwhile or should I upgrade elsewhere?
  2. get a cpu cooler to overclock that cpu and the best graphics card you can afford like a 7850.
    forget everything else ATM.
  3. I ended up taking the following components

    Samsung 830 128gb
    ASROCK Z77 Extreme4
    Intel I5 3570K
    8gb GEIL 1600MHz ram

    I still have money to spare and I'm looking for a graphic card at approx $150, preferably a somewhat silent card

    Besides that I'm looking for an upgrade to my case, which should be in the $100 range. I know the HAF 912 is a solid case, but if I can spend less and get a somewhat similar case that would be ideal

    Any suggestions is highly appreciated
  4. I bought and build my pc yesterday.

    I ended up getting

    Samsung 830 128gb
    ASROCK Z77 Extreme4
    Intel I5 3570K
    8gb GEIL 1600MHz ram
    XFX HD 6870
    HAF 912 plus

    Games running on full options with no lag, not bad :D
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