6950 died on me

About a month ago the fan on my 6950 stopped working and the card started overhating. I RMAed it and it just came back on Thursday. I put it in and everything seemed to work fine.....

Less than 24 hours later (RRRAAGGEEEEEE) my second monitor (VGA connected via DVI adapter) had the wierdest graphical glitch I have ever seen. The left half of the monitor was put on the right, and the right half was put on the left. In addition, there were weird lines going horizontally across the second monitor that messed up most of the monitor. The primary monitor was fine (regular DVI) and I tried to take a screen shot of this, however the screenshot turned out just fine for both monitors. I restarted my computer and it loads up fine (goes through bios and shows the loading windows screen) but when it gets to the login screen (shown on my primary monitor) the colors are all messed up. Normally the login screen is blue with a leaf coming from the right. Now all the shapes are the same but its green. Also my account icon seems to have its colors inverted. When I put my password in my computer crashes. Usually the computer will automatically restart, but sometimes the screen just goes black.

I really dont want to RMA the card again... I just got it back. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this without shipping it out?
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  1. Not without shipping it back!
  2. I should also mention that I can log in via safe mode. I tried rolling back the drivers but that didnt help. Perhaps there is something I can do from safe mode?
  3. Does the system work with one monitor connected?
  4. Safe mode does not use the 3d capability of the card so that explains why it works.
  5. Dogsnake said:
    Does the system work with one monitor connected?

    Nope, same situation. I also tried to run my computer off a different video card. This worked, but of course I need it to run off the card I bought.
  6. More and more things confirming it bad!
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