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Caught in a catch-22 about putting an Indigo Xtreme on my CPU

November 30, 2012 4:32:32 PM

Theres this cooling pad that is supposed to far outperform Arctic Silver 5 and most other thermal greases, and its not really that much more expensive.

However, there is on problem I have with applying it:

See, the procedure to install it requires you to re-flow the material by running all the CPU's cores at max load with no cooling fans, not even the heatsink fan, for a few hours. They recommend several windows-only apps to monitor it's progress, namely speedfan, to graph temperature drops so you know when the reflow is done. I know there are linux apps to run the CPU, but I don't know if they would evenly run all 8 cores (yes I know it physically only has 4) at 100%.... and I don't know if there are any that can properly monitor it's temperature so I know when it will be done.

I am going to be using an i7 3770K CPU, that thing is EXPENSIVE, I don't want to risk running this reflow any longer than I have to, even with all the failsafes the CPU would have to prevent overheating.

Here is my problem though: This is going to be a new build. It won't have any OS installed... and I need a CPU running obviously to install an OS in the first place...... so I can use apps on that OS to install the CPU....

I don't know if it would be a good idea to put the stock or 3rd party cooler (haven't decided which cooler to use yet) without any thermal compound just long enough to install the OS. Would not using a thermal compound be the same as not even using a heatsink at all?

Or if I should use the stock grease and cooler the CPU will come with just to install windows, then clean it off and apply the Indigo Xtreme and 3rd party cooler. Problem being that while I have applied thermal greases many times... I never had to take any off. Isn't that stuff supposed to seep into all the microscopic scratches on the CPU die? Can you really perfectly clean all that stuff off easily so I can apply the Indigo Xtreme and not have any residue left from whatever cheap grease comes stock?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.