Which GTX 670?

Hello, I was wondering which GTX 670 i should get.

I was thinking about getting either this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121637
or this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130787

Any help appreciated, Thanks :)
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  1. 1st one has more fans, so it could probably overclock quite well. The second one is already overclocked but likely has much less headroom. I'd go for the first. If you don't like OCing, go for the second.
  2. Personally I would grab the Asus since it is not a reference model and from the reviews seems to be one of the best 670s out right now.
  3. The GTX670 runs cool. Fancy fans and coolers are mostly marketing for the GTX6xx cards.

    I would pick the EVGA card because it has direct exhaust cooling that gets the gpu heat directly out the back of the case .
    It is also slightly faster with the factory overclock. 1006Mhz vs. 915Mhz

    I would not count on OC for graphics cards. Vendors bin their chips, and the best go into factory overclocked cards so they can charge more. But, who knows, you might get lucky with either card.
  4. If you're overclocking, the FTW has a +145% power limit, compared to others which only allow ~+125%. They also use the highest binned chips in the FTW editions. The Asus is their regular version, rather than the TOP version, so they use their lower binned chips. Binning may not translate into any noticable differences, but in theory the chips will run more efficiently and overclock better.
  5. I guess I'll go with the EVGA one, because it is already OC'd, and I don't know much about overclocking GPUs.
  6. Good Choice. Also be careful because most OC EVGA cards were recalled. Thought i don't think you will get a bad model since by now they should have worked out the kinks. I got the Reference clocked card and overclocked it my self. And Saved 20$ by overclocking it my self
  7. if you have a read through this


    from actual gtx670 owners

    the gigabyte windforce seems to be the best gtx670
  8. I would go with evga too..great card and awesome company. They extremely helpful and easy to deal with should you need to RMA a broken card or something.
  9. Evga all the way for me, It doesn't have an ugly flashy look and its clock speeds aren't overclocked.
  10. Ok, I have one last question, how much of a performance difference would I see, if I got this.
    My specs are:
    2500k OC'd to 4.3 GHz
    8GB Ram
    GTX 460
    I normally play @ 1920x1080, on a 21" monitor.
  11. Huge difference:


    The 670 more than doubles the 460's fps in most games
  12. Ok, thank you all for your help, I'll probably order the EVGA one, but if it is not in stock when I order it, I'll just get the Asus one. Thanks again :)
  13. If you haven't ordered yet, you should look at amazon. I got my FTW from them and paid less than if I bought the reference 670 from newegg. (No tax from Amazon, and I live in California.)

    EDIT: scratch that, they're OOS now. sorry for not checking before hitting post...
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