How many will be Intel fans if this happens?

Seriously Intel, going BGA and soldering CPU's directly to a motherboard is going to really limit the amount of motherboard options out there and CPU choices. No upgrades, not to mention all the problems associated with BGA's. Lead-free solder sucks. It cause notebook BGA chips to fail, XBOX 360's to fail, PS3's to fail, Cellphone BGA chips to fail, so hey, let's start making CPU's that way.
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  1. While we don't comment on rumors. We (Intel®) remain commited to multiple segments including both desktop and the enthusiast space and will continue to innovate for those areas.
  2. Eh, you can still swap BGA chips, it's just not easy like a socketed CPU is. The real enthusiasts (the ones with the capability and knowledge to do it) will be able to cope as long as the BIOS' of the mobo's support more than one CPU.

    I'm still a little unsure about this, though. One report I read said that Skylake will be socketed again, and if that's the case, it doesn't even really matter (along with not making any sense. Why would Intel go back to socketed CPU just a gen after moving to BGA. That's ridiculous).

    Even though the rumor seems to be rather widespread at this point, it is still just a rumor after all. We'll see. It's hard to see any way a full line of CPU's being BGA only helps Intel right now. I know, looking to the future, it's probably inevitable for every CPU from any manufacturer, but 2014 seems a bit early for that.
  3. I doubt that would happen as long as there is a market for consumer built PCs. That would be like throwing money in AMD's lap.
  4. I don't think you can form an opinion on a rumored product at this point. One, it may not even happen. Two, it could be good, who knows. I think we should all wait for legit information before starting an anti Intel crusade.
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