GTX680 2.0Gig Vs GTX680 4.0Gig

Hello all.

I currently own a EVGA GTX680 2.0Gig Version. 4.0Gig version are out. Is there a big difference? What are the pros for getting 4gig vidoe memory and is it really needed?

I play D3 and will be playing GW2 on a Dell U2711 at 2560x1440 resolution. I have a 2ndary monitor that is 1920x1080 but is only used for 2D applications.

Would a 4.0gig card benefit me in anyway?

Note: I play in windows fullscreen mode so I can mouse over to the 2ndary screen for internet, GPU/CPU temps, and etc.

Can any shed some knowledge?


note: Rest of system specs on my signature.
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    No, not much of difference. There was a benchmark test done by guru3d and it was the Palit 680 4GB version. It had slightly fewer frames per second than the 2GB version. The only stated reason was the clocks were default for the 4GB while the other 2GB versions (not only palit) were slightly overclocked.

    "Why 4 GB ? Well some of you like to game at extremely high resolutions or have 8xAA as a bare minimum. If a graphics card runs out of graphics memory it'll starts swapping frames back and forward in that framebuffer which decreases the overall framerate."

  2. Thanks for the source fantastik250!. It was a good read.

    What is considered extremely high resolutions?

    Would the 4gig be beneficial if I used a second/third monitor for 2D applications only and game on the 2560x1440?
  3. So you haven't read the review well :p
    Now the setup could benefit from triple monitor setups at 5760x1080 (which is a 6 Mpixels resolution), but even there I doubt if 4 GB is really something you'd need to spend money on.
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