Finished building the computer- now what?

Hi all,

I just finished building a pc and it successfully booted up ( :sweat:).

I installed windows 7 and then proceeded to install the CD that came with the motherboard with drivers etc.
I then transferred my motherboard's (Z77-D3H) manufacturer's (Gigabyte) drivers from my laptop via USB drive to my new computer (Chipset/Audio/LAN/USB) and they all seemed to install fine.

I still need to connect my pc to the internet and download my video card's drivers but apart from that, am I effectively done?

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. No, time to go buy more parts and build another one.
  2. add an anti-virus to your thumb drive and load it on the new PC.

    once its loaded, connect to the internet and update the Antivirus. then connect to windows update, downloading EVERYTHING including optional updates. then get the video drivers

    at that point, you're set
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