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Radeon 6450 vrs 8300GS

My friend just got into pc gaming, and I was looking to build a gaming pc for him. How good would a XFX Radeon 6450 512MB with a 32-bit BUS compared to his old 8300GS taht acme with his dell. Also the CPU is a Intel Pentium E2200 at 2.2Ghz. How much would this hold the card back/how much more of a card could it handle. Thanks.
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    I don't get it, are you building him a new system or just upgrading the graphics card?

    HD 6450 is way more powerful than 8300 GS, however, it's poor buy for your money and it's also very slow for games of today. I'd recommend at least HD 6670. His CPU should be OK with it. Even if it bottlenecks a bit, it will be a way better buy than HD 6450, since it performs way better.
  2. Ok thank you
  3. E2200 will cap alot of things and that new video card although quicker is NOT a quick card or "gaming" card in any way shape or form.
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