Debating New Router and DD-WRT

I'm in the market for a new wireless/wired router and I'm wondering if installing DD-WRT on a new router is worth it.

My old router is a Linksys WRT54G v3. Said router is running a version DD-WRT. At the time of purchase I did some research (I was looking for QoS) and stumbled upon DD-WRT. I pleased with all the features of offered (even though I'll admit, I didn't understand them all).

Now I'm look for a new fast router but am disappointed that all the latest and greatest don't have DD-WRT builds yet. A friend mentioned that now-a -days routers come with so many features I probably wouldn't need to install DD-WRT at all. But I'm the type of buyer who wants the most functionality possible (even if they're not going to use it). I wanted to get the Asus RT-N56U but again no DD-WRT build.

Could anyone advise me as to whether I shouldn't bother with DD-WRT and a the latest and greatest router, or if they think DD-WRT is still worth installing, and if s, what is best router I can buy that they have a build out for? Thanks!

Here's what I want in a router:
Gigabyte wired ports (3-4)
802.11N/G/B wireless with dual simultaneous bandwidth
Great performance/speed
compatible with mac OS 10.5 or higher
(a USB port would be nice but not strictly necessary)

Here are the features I'm interested in:

Port Forwarding
Monitoring Bandwidth

(PS. I might post this inquiry on other router forums to get as much advice as possible. Please don't take offence.)
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