Hey im wondering what kind of benefits an ssd will provide for me, im guessing that it will improve me boot up time and the load time of applications such as games and other programs, just curious as to what else it boosts such as, will my fps slightly increase or will i see smoother game play at lower frame rated?

thank you community

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  1. I believe there is no FPS gain with an SSD in games.
  2. Hi :)

    NO gain in games apart from load times between levels....

    All the best Brett :)
  3. And loading your saves. Some big open-world games stream the map in as you explore to avoid loading screens and breaking up the game. In those games, brief pauses you could get from a hard disk loading more map will be reduced/removed with an SSD. Other than that though, it really is about loading times. They're more beneficial for Windows performance really.
  4. thanks for advice and info guys.

  5. It will reduce load times in games, as stated by people before, and you will notice a RIDICULOUS performance boost on your PC. It will boot up much faster, apps will open up faster and work faster, and your read and write speeds will have a good noticeable boost as well. So if you can afford one, I would DEFINITELY go with an SSD, I could even recommend you one, it's a samsung 128GB SSD, but if you want you could go with a lower or higher capacity SSD, that's the optimal I would recommend you.
    Just the SSD: (Get this one fast if you decide to go with an SSD, because you'll get the new Assasin's Creed III FOR FREE!)
    SSD w/ desktop upgrade kit: (has a small shipping charge, and the desktop kit comes with a 3.5" to 2.5" drive bay adapter, in case your case doesn't have one built in or if it doesn't come with one. If it does, then go with the SSD above this one)
  6. +1 to those Samsung drives - the 840 Pro is the fastest consumer drive in existence. The 830 is one of the best performers relative to price (along with Vertex 4).
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