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So I'll make this brief; I can't get my main computer to work. It was working fine until I dismantled it to put in a new heatsink and fan for my computer. I put it back together as it was, and I just.. I don't know what happened, but it's booting up fine, everything is on - all USB ports, LEDs, peripherals, fans. Everything is on and fine except for my monitor, that just stays in "sleep" mode with it's light blinking every few seconds. It's powered on fine, but it doesn't stay on, as if the computer itself was turned off.

As a note, the graphics card (Gigabyte 670) is plugged in both 6pin and 8pin. It's connected at the back to the monitor fine, no issue. The fans of the card are even running.

Anybody with any bright ideas? I'm almost about to just take it into the local computer shop and have them point out the very obvious thing I'm missing. :sweat:

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  1. What motherboard and CPU - the new one?
  2. Motherboard: Asus M5A97 EVO
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T

    New Heatisnk: Cooler Master 212
  3. Is the CPU fan spinning when powering up?
  4. Yes. All fans, including my CPU and graphics card fans, are spinning up. All LEDs are up. It makes the normal noises it would when powering up, and there is no visible issue. There is just no image on my monitor, or my backup monitor. Both have no visual, so it has to be my computer.
  5. What graphics card? Check again if it's properly inserted and the PCIe power cables (if required) connected. If yes, then it might help reinstalling the CPU and testing the board outside the case. If still the same, it might be a CPU issue.
  6. If your getting one short beep then everything checks out.
    So it is likely that you have connected the video cable lead to the secondary Dvi port instead of the primary Dvi port, have a check. Unless you are using a Hdmi port.
  7. I am getting one short beep. :l

    And it's connected to the right one.
  8. be the cable then its broke, you may need a new one. check the end fitted into the monitor make sure its in good and tight.
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