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so i buildt my new pc and its been great, but tonight i installed a old hard drive just so i can wipe everything on it and use for games and stuff,but i had to take my 680 out to access the sata port and then i put it back in after installing the hard drive but noe i dont get any info on the screen not even bios or anything like that,but if i remove my 680 then plug my hdmi wire into the motherboard it comes up with something saying new hard ware or software removed or something:( whats happened?
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  1. also the hard drive i installed had windows vista on and the har ddrive i use normally to boot has windows 7 on could that have done something?:/
  2. I hope this is the thread you were seeking help with? That is unusual and I have never seen or heard that happening. However just as an attempt which is harmless is to remove the CMOS battery and put it back in after a minute. Also check if the video card connector on the card itself (the golden part) is dirty or anything. Also when re-installing make sure it makes a clicking noise when fully inserted.

    If all that fails then switch back to the other hard drive and see if it makes a difference.
  3. hey, sorry for such a slow reply, but this is the thread yes, i did check and do as you told me but had no luck, sent it back and they had no idea what was wrong(asus) so i was sent a new one and works fine now,happy woo. thanks anyway:)
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