Hp dv4 1225 HD3200+HD3450 crossfire?

ive been researching and ive seen alot of ppl that crossfire HD3200 with HD3450, but i dont see anyone with my specific laptop or an hp similar to mine, can someone tell me if crossfire between these two is possible in my HP Dv4 1225dx? :??: :bounce:
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  1. No it is not possible! Only in the desktop versions!
  2. The hybrid crossfire you mentioned is intended only for desktop users with compatible motherboard & very low power discrete card. The result is still a pretty weak graphics power that it is better to just get a more powerful discrete card that can work on its own.

    For your notebook, I doubt whether you can enable it because notebooks are not intended for upgrades much less with graphics cards.
  3. You can't install graphics cards in a laptop, sorry.
    Technically it might be possible but very expensive and is more akin to open heart surgery than anything else.
  4. then why would they give an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 crossfire if a laptop wont be able to crossfire? ive checked this for the last month and researched like crazy and there are ppl out there that are crossfiring their laptops with HD3450, and even more so the XGP ones that ATI released not long ago were being crossfired with HD3200 on HP laptops, sometimes i think its just simpler to spend $430 on a gaming build than bother with this sort of thing but unfortunetly i love a hardware challenge
  5. The crossfire is done by the laptop manufacturer & already in the laptop when released to store. It is a selling feature that allows for more powerful graphics solution than afforded by the integrated one.
  6. sons of bitches once i become an engenieer all surpass them all with user friendly hardware and software youll see youll all see
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