CPU shorting motherboard?

I just want to ask a question and bad CPUs, excuse me if I use bad terminology or wording...

Is it possible for a CPU to short a motherboard, but still show signs of normal functions? Or if it shorts, should the CPU just be plain dead?
Just trying to narrow down the possibilities of whether I received a bad motherboard (brand new, having issues after a couple weeks) or my CPU has gone bad.

I understand the power supply could be the problem, but I would like to know about this first. (Because even if it is the power supply, a bad CPU would still short the motherboard with a new PSU, right?)
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  1. It could be one of many things, not just the CPU. It could be something really simple. Check all your connections, check to make sure all the components are seated correctly. It could be something as simple as a unplugged wire. It's also possible that the case could be causing shorting issues. It's also possible that the PSU could have caused the issue(s).

    Also I'm not sure about the CPU. I suppose if it shorts it could cause malfunction(s) elsewhere.

    Your problem may not be permanent, you just may need to take a few hours to play around a bit.

    Sorry I can't really help, but I've tried.
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    Hi :)

    Cpu if shorted is TOTALLY DEAD...

    All the best Brett :)
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