Computer upgrade time need a little help.

Right my little brother wants to join me in playing the upcoming guild wars 2 and borderlands 2 so I have given him my old computer but it needs a bit of a dust out and an upgrade before it's good to go.

At the moment the specs are:
Processor: AMX Phenom ii x6 1055t stock
Graphics card: HD 5770 (had been a horrible card always loud and high temps)
Motherboard: as rock n68ucc
Ram: corsair 8gb
Case: had 922
PSU: some cheap unbranded rubbish 750w

Now hopefully without bottlenecking I'm looking at only upgrading the PSU and g card as I'm on a budget I was looking at:

Graphics card: gtx 560ti oc twin frozr

Link -

Power supply: now wasn't sure on how much I need but either the corsair tx v2 650w. Or 750w.

Please let me know if you think it will bottleneck and what power supply I should get.

Also is that a good type of 560ti there's so many of that version.

Some extra notes:

My old card was hd 5770 has been horrible ever since I got it even had it replaced for another 5770 and still it was horrid reaching 83c even on low demanding games and high temps meant the fan would run pretty much 100% spinning speed and was so loud even with headphones on you could hear it.

Also my 1st post here have always used this forum when searching from google and finally decided I would join as this forum has helped me alot in the past :).
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  1. Bump (sorry I kind of need a quick reply as looking to order parts tonight for saturday delivery.)
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