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I need some help. I have just purchased an Asus A7M266 DDR M/B. It has 2 IDE slots. Can somebody please explain the best way of attaching the following(In simple terms advising which ribbon and which connector to use.) I have tried myself but my machine is running very slowly.
I wish to attach
Matsumi CD Writer
Creative CD Rom
And a DVD player which is an unknown type.

Please advise which part of the ribbon is the master is it the end farthest from the M/B.

I need help and quickly.
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  1. Master at the end, slave in the middle, blue connector to the mobo (if there is one).

    The ATA100 HDD would be Primary Master.

    I'll let other esteemed colleagues work out the rest, as there are a few options. Personally, I'd have the CD/RW as Secondary Master.

    If the best things in life are free, why do I keep upgrading my system? :smile:
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