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How does one know that they require aftermarket cooling solutions?
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  1. If you overclock you processor, it is usually recommended. Also if your cpu is overheating, you probably need one. Finally if you want your computer to look bad ass, you need one.

    If you are asking this question. You probably don't need one.
  2. Fair enough, I was thinking about overclocking my CPU to see if i could extend its usefulness, but didnt know if that meant I would need a cooling option, because frankly if I do, then it is just time for a new CPU.
  3. Well it depends how old the cpu is and if its good at overclocking. Which one do you have?
  4. well i have a 2.6 intel quad but i have an oem mobo i guess bc its hp prebuilt sooo...
  5. mastermoirich said:
    well i have a 2.6 intel quad but i have an oem mobo i guess bc its hp prebuilt sooo...
    You probably cant overclock much/ at all because its a prebuilt. So no point to get the cooler. Plus it might be difficult to change the cooler. I had a gateway prebuilt which i decided to change the cooler and it was a pain in the ass. They had a bar on the back of the case and I could not get the old cooler out without flexing my motherboard like crazy. I was lucky it was still working afterwards.
  6. Ya from what i gather, I am going to need a new mobo and processor, and ram bc mine is 1066 and i guess that is slow. Do you have any recommendations? I've never OC'd before and am a little hesitant.

    What mobo/proc/ram would you suggest if:
    A) i wanted to get into OC (+ cooler)
    B) wanted to upgrade but would rely on stock components
  7. someone recommended the i5 3570k...any thoughts?
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