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I have been learning all about computer components and am learning about CPUs and how they have a certain amount of cores. So far I have found that if you want a fast gaming computer that will be dedicated to gaming, you will only need an i5 because you dont need more cores for the game. However for editing videos and photos, you`ll need an i7. Although I understand the basics of why this is ( editing software uses more cores), could someone tell me how to find out how many cores an applications uses? As in, is there a place I could find out? Like if I wanted to buy a new game, how could I tell how many cores it uses? Or even something basic like getting on the internet or using Microsoft Word. How many cores do these use? Thanks!
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  1. Ok, so games use 2 cores at max, but Battlefield 3 is the only game that comes in mind that uses 4 cores. Let me tell you this, games will use no more than 4 cores (currently) but if you use something like video editing software, conversion software, and even compressing software, etc will use as many cores as it can, if your CPU has 6 cores, it will use up all the cores.
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