Want geforce gtx 670 -can I use it in a dual boot Win7 & XP machine?

SO i want to get a gtx 670.

BUT i have a dual boot win7 HOME edition & XP machine.
Since its home edition I dont think i have an emulation mode in win7.

Is there anyway i can make the 670 card to work with both boots?
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  1. It will work with both system, with different drivers for each OS, as long as the 2 OS are in different partitions.

    EDIT: Do you have 2 different Operations Systems installed in one machine?
  2. yes there are 2 different installs on 2 different drives.

    But is the 670 downward compatible with the older drivers for XP?
    Will i still be able to play relatively recent games such as bf 2142 on the xp boot?
  3. Yes there will be no problem at all, and GTX 670 has drivers for WinXP

    Yes you will, but be noted that some of the recent games are not supported anymore with WinXP, and WinXP has some limitations to hardware so you'd be better gaming on Win7.
    BF 2142? :O
    Wasn't that a game introduced in 2006 or later? :O
    GTX 670 is able to play BF3 on 3 monitors @ high settings.
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