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Advice on sound card for Tritton PC510 HDa and Z 5500 combination

November 30, 2012 10:23:20 PM

Hi, I have been looking around the forum a few hours now and still can't decide what card is the better for my setup.

The reason I want to upgrade to a new sound card is that I have a feeling that my Tritton PC510 HDa headphones doesn't really have the hardware support they need. My setup is as follows:

Headphones: as above, which at the moment are working on the on-board sound card.
I have Logitech's Z-5500 speakers.
I'm looking for a PCIe card with at least 5.1 analog output (required by the headphones)

Asus Xonar D2X looks like a good card but is just at the maximum of my budget. Would be vary happy to find a card for a little less without sacrificing to much.

Would greatly appreciate any recommendations on a card around and below $100