7680x1440 with my rig?

I am running a 3930k air cooled with dual evga gtx 680s (2Gb) in sli and 16GB of 2133 ram.
I would like to get three s. Korean monitors (2560x1440) and run sorround. The main use is gaming. I am curious if i would be able to handle the high resolution and if so what setting would be expected to maintain 30fps minimum.

I noticed that on the 1920x1080 benchmark the framerate was 193 and the 5760x1080 had a framerate of 73. So by tripling the demand on the gpus the fps is still higher than 1/3 the initial. Can the same be expected by the 2560x1600 benchmark? while a single 2560x1600 resolution was handled at 123 fps would it be safe to assume that the same build would handle 3x that resolution at above 40fps?

I just want to make absolutely sure that my computer would be able to handle these resolutions before spending the money on the monitors. I just sold my 40" samsung for $700 to help fund my new monitors so that it will only cost roughly 500-600 for triple catleap or shimians.

Any help or input would be amazing. If anyone has a similar setup and can give me fps expectations for any newer games i would really appreciate it.
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  1. I doubt you're gonna be playing stuff like Battlefield 3 maxed out at 7680x1440 with 40fps minimum but the vast majority of games you should be fine.
  2. Would i have any issues if i simply were to do two of the monitors for some games if they prove to demanding while still having the third simply as a desktop monitor? Im assuming i would just change one from Extended desktop to separate under windows display options. If i were to get a single monitor and test it is there any way that i could try and figure out what type of frame rate that i could expect with the triple setup?
    Also with the gtx 680s i have 2 dual link dvi connections an hdmi 1.4a and a display port. Is there a recommended configuration on which i should not use or would it matter? Most of the s korean monitors ive looked at only have a dvi-d connector so i guess the third one will probably cost 50-100 more since ill need hdmi or display port.
  3. How would the aimer work if you used only two monitors?
  4. Haha i didnt even think about that. I guess whe the enemie is touching both bezels its time to shoot :). Hmmm guess ill just buy three and see what happens. If anything else ill upgrade my desktop later if needed.
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