Will a Pentium G630 bottleneck a 7750?

Hey everyone, I'm rockin a Pentium G630 (You're all jealous, I know :P) and I want to get a radeon 7750. My processor actually delivers quite a punch for the price, but I fear that it may not be able to handle a 7750, even though it is a mid range card.

This is the card in question, it's the best I can do with my slimline case (Dell Inspiron 660s)

Any Input would be great, thanks!

EDIT: Also should have mentioned I plan on overclocking the card from 800mhz to 950 on the core, and 1125 to 1250 on the memory . Also I love how I'm not cool enough to make links work
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  1. It should work fine since HD 7750 is an entry level card for gaming.
    It does not use much power and it will fit inside your case.
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    i have the exact same setup - a pentium G630 and a 7750 and let me assure you there is absolutely no bottleneck at all .
    a G630 can actually eassily handle upto a radeon 7870 without any problems.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the input guys! Looks like I will plunge right into the 7750 ;)
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