My computer wont show anything on the screen

im new to computers and dont really know much so could you dumb down your answer as much as possible please. im test booting my computer with just the motherboard (asus sabertooth p67) ram (adata pc1600 8gb) cpu with fan(i5-3570k) and my graphics card (saphire hd6850) and everything stay on. however nothing shows up on the screen, ive tried unplugging everything putting it back in and in the different slots but that doesnt seem to work. on the mother board the only lights that are on are the green leed which is solid and then the memok light which is blinking. p.s sorry for bad punctuation
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  1. well, you did some stupid work, your cpu i5 3570k is not compatible with P67 chipset motherboard you need to update/flash the bios on it before it will shows up everything.
  2. i dont get it, it says on the asus website that my cpu is compatible with the motherboard. but from what your saying could i put the bios aon a usb and load it from there and it would work??
  3. On asus site where does it stated that 3rd GEN cpu's are compatible with that board please can you provide a link.
  4. then if you go on cpu support list the i5-3570k is on that list, i may be wrong like i said im new to computers.
  5. ok, it is compatible I said in my above post but you need to flash the bios for 3570k here is the link download it. BTW what is your bios version??
  6. im not sure where would i find it? sorry im a bit on the stupid side when it comes to computers. so all ill have to do is download this stick it on a usb and ill be fine?
  7. try it.
  8. tried it didnt work, still nothing coming up on screen
  9. does your motherboard is under warranty?
  10. Shinji22 said:
    tried it didnt work, still nothing coming up on screen

    did you flash the bios correctly?
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