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I just bought a new ASUS VivoBook X202E-CT025H and first thing i notised was loud noise produces from a fan. After looking at speedfan i found out that cpu on idle is working at 65c (75c if watching a video) and on heavy load it spikes to 85c. Is it normal?
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  1. This should not be happening. Multiple things may be happening. Either a cpu/gpu driver is forces it to not optimize the way it uses it's hardware, Malware is spiking your cpu. Your cooling hardware is not sufficient for the capability of your hardware. Plenty of things are happening and to my recommendation, I'd just send it back and get another. That is too much heat in a brand new notebook.
  2. my core i3 2370m with hd 3000 laptop runs around 38c idle and 72c max while gaming. I believe your laptop has a fan problem or something of the sort. I would return it or something becayse those temps arent normal.

    Otherwise buy a laptop cooler but even then it wont help much.
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