AMD Radeon HD7750 possibly overheating

Hi all,

Another newbie to the forums here.

I was looking to see if I could get some help in diagnosing what I believe is a video related problem. I have a newly built PC that has very little on it. So far I have only used it to play Diablo 3 (D3) and basic web surfing (mainly to update drivers ect).

Now I run a HDMI output from the external graphics card to my home theatre / tv. Problem is I experience times when I loose all video . Only time I have experienced this happen at times when I am playing D3 and there is no prior warning (i.e. funny colours, graphics playing up in general), and when this does happen I hear (what I assume is) the graphics card fan kick into overdrive. The computer otherwise seems to continue to operate, I can't see any funny lights from the tower, although there is no sound, but I assume that is because nothing is travelling along the HDMI cord.

I haven't been running the computer for long periods at a time, and I have seen this happen after 30min or 60min of play time, but then again I have also seen it not happen at all when I have been playing for 60min (not terribly consistent). Symptoms so far seem to indicate the graphics card overheating, so I have taken the side cover off the tower to allow complete air flow, but this still happens.

I have also installed MSI Afterburner and the program reports the GPU fan running at 90%+ once I start running D3 but the GPU temp doesn't seem to be spiking at all.

PC specifics are:

CPU: AMDFX-4100 Quad Core
Video: AMD Radeon HD 7750
Motherboard: GA78LMT-S2P
RAM:4gig DDR3
PSU: not sure how to report this, the max combined wattage on the unit says 230w, there are a bunch of other numbers for different areas. If anyone needs more info, let me know what you need and I can supply it.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Thanks for the help!
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  1. You say the temp isn't spiking, but what is the temp?

    Edit: It's mostly likely your PSU, you need to get a real unit to run that card.
  2. fanspeed will tell you if your gpu is will hardware monitor..the second program also reads your power supply voltage. when your playing games or you run a gpu burn in see if the 12v line drops. also try running prime95 it test just the cpu and see if it a heat issue.
  3. I agree with the two posts above...there should be some numbers on the side of the PSU for example "+12v --- 24A" Or something along those lines, can you list all those numbers for us please? It's most likely your power supply being insufficient for your card.
  4. So... What you're saying is after stressing your components you crash. Well, then, replace your psu it can't feed your components enough. Simple ay!
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I have taken a pic of my PSU specs:

    If it is indeed the PSU, suggestions on what I should replace it with would be welcome. Don't want to use a cheap brand or another PSU that might have trouble taking the load.

    Any 80+ certified decent brand will do, glad to hear your resolve, you wouldn't have been a cheap heart transplant, but it's the same thing, your psu is your computers heart. Don't skimp on it :-)
  7. Thanks for the advice again.

    Managed to get the PSU for about $60 AUD. I'll pick it up and install it tomorrow, hopefully that should fix my problems.

    Also upon further investigation, it really does seem like my current PSU is the issue. According to the system requirements, the recommended power supply is 400w+ or 500w+ if using the crossfire technology (whatever that is).

    Given that mine seems to be 230w at max load there is a significant difference between that and what is recommended from the manufacturer.

    Edit: spelling
  8. It may already be a moot point since you are getting the new PSU. But just want to clarify if you have the 7750 as indicated in the title or do you have the 7770 as in the body of your 1st post?
  9. Sorry it is the 7750, I'll edit my original post
  10. if you bought the first power supply or it came with the case or pc. I would see if there a comsumer report or here in the us ul people and report the power supply as miss labeled. it not a 600w ps it a 250w
  11. This is the power supply that came with the unit. Long story short this was my first ever PC build. I shopped around at different places to see who could give me the best deal and the place I purchased the parts from gave me the 280w unit. Unfortunately this is something I should have checked at the time.

    We live and we learn...
  12. Ok, new PSU installed. Had D3 running for about 15min before it all crashed again.

    Booted the PC up straight away, got D3 running again and took this screenshot of MSI:

    Here you can see the GPU usage running at 95%+ while everything else looks fine.
  13. It's not overheating, and it running at 90%+ is normal - it's trying to give you as high frames per seconds as possible. 45C seems very cool as well.

    Would you mind testing out your memory? You can download memtest tool from here:
  14. Sunius said:
    It's not overheating, and it running at 90%+ is normal - it's trying to give you as high frames per seconds as possible. 45C seems very cool as well.

    Would you mind testing out your memory? You can download memtest tool from here:

    I went to the site and downloaded the Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7). I ran the program once the downloaded finished an put in a USB for all the contents to go onto.

    Not sure what to do next, there were no .exe files that went onto the USB after that.

    Sorry guys, you might have to spell things out for me, as you can see I have a rather basic understanding.
  15. You need to restart your PC and boot from the USB stick. When you just start your PC, repeatedly press delete button (on some boards its F2, if delete doesn't work, try that). If done right, you should enter BIOS setup. There, you need to search for boot order option and set the USB stick to #1. Then, hit F10 and press yes when it asks you to confirm you want to save the settings. Memory test app should start. Once done testing, go to BIOS Setup once again, and this time set your hard drive to be #1 boot option.
  16. Thanks Sunius,

    PC crashed again and once rebooted the test started after (might need to change that boot priority later). Once the test is done, I'll post the results.
  17. Glad to hear you managed to make the test run. Just to be sure, let it run for at least 2 passes.
  18. Hm, Interesting case. I second the suggestion for memtest, as it could very possibly be a memory related issue.

    If it's not that, a good idea would be to breadboard your machine. Take out or turn off everything not necessary for your PC to function. That means USB devices, DVD drive, etc. See if you can get it to crash then.
  19. Ok, got my two passes in the memory tester.

    Been doing some more research while this has been taking place, and from what I read the more tests I let the system run, the better. I'll let the memoiry tester continue to test overnight and see what it says in the morning.

    Edit: The first pass took about 30min to get, while the second pass took about 1h 40min. This is a significant increase in time, are results like these reasonable?

    I'll also give breadbording a try tomorrow. I should be able to disconnect the CD drive and all / most of the front panel cables. What will remain running will be the HDD, external graphics and wireless network card. If I manage to crash the system t using that setup then I'll remove the graphics card and see how I go.

    Finally just wanted to say thanks for all the support!
  20. No problem, that's what forums are for!

    Did it return any errors during those 2 passes? The increase in time is random, because afaik it uses some random algorithms and one time it will be non complex, while other time they will be more complex.
  21. Thanks for the explanation Sunius,

    No errors reported, but I am letting the program run for another 6 hours overnight. I'll have a play around with breadboarding when I get home from work tomorrow evening, will be interesting to see if that shows anything new.
  22. Okay, good luck ;).
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