Headset not utilizing sound card.

Hi, recently I decided I wanted to take my computers audio quality up a level, so I started looking for good headsets and a sound card. After some research, I decided that 5.1 would fit my needs, and I decided on this headset and sound card; for good quality and price:



So, I got these two days ago, and the headset BLEW ME AWAY (Just in case anyone is wondering what its like) and I loved it. The problem is, I installed the sound card, installed the drivers, and it doesn't seem to be really working. The headsets audio quality is great, and after listening to some surround sound tests on youtube, I'm in love with it. BUT, the sound card doesn't seem to actually get used. What seems to be happening is that the headset is just not USING the sound card, I think the sound card works, but the computer isn't sending the audio through the sound card to the headset or something.

I would give more details, but I'm not exactly sure whats occuring, and I'm not very audio savvy. So any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. dear uninformed customer, sigh, When purchasing some reviews of the card and headset would've blown the real picture wide open.

    1| that asus xonar card is a good card value for money card.
    2| that headset is also a good value for money unit

    3| the xonar has 3.5mm jacks/outputs
    4| the headset is USB driven/powered.

    see whats happening is a USB driven headset has all the audio processing take place at the USB port. The sound(dedicated/onboard) are left in the shadows. No matter how much you'll tweak your xonar's settings, its only method of output is the 3.5mm jacks. so tough luck with your headset mate. Though that xonar would be killer in a 5.1 soundstage setup.
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